About Me

I am a visual storyteller with nine years of professional experience, from television news, print, to online journalism and commercial production. This career provides countless opportunities to be exposed to a variety of beliefs, ideals, personalities, and values that characterize my community.  As visual communicators, we bear a delicate responsibility of sharing the most intimate sides of the human condition.  I hope to carry this duty forward using actions rooted in facilitating compassion, empathy, inclusion, and understanding.  We're all connected. 

I grew up in Littleton and Lakewood, Colorado, where most of my family resides.  I graduated from Colorado State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Journalism.  I have returned to CSU with my partner and currently completing a Master of Science degree in Journalism and Media Communication.  My areas of study include narrative, filmmaking, and digital storytelling.  

Some of my favorite story topics include social justice, environment, food, the arts, LGBTQ, and athletes who've "beat the odds."  I am also particularly passionate about documentary filmmaking and the growing overlap between filmmaking and journalistic practices. I hope to work with more communities that I've historically lacked exposure to, including rural communities, military, and communities of color.  Fear of the unknown often divides us, and I hope to share my exposures with others to help make some of the unfamiliar feel more familiar.  Let's connect, I hope to learn from you.  


Best of Competition: Short-Form Documentary

BEA Festival of Media Arts, Faculty Competition (2021)

Heartland Chapter Emmy Award Nominee (3)

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (2019-2020)

3rd Place: Individual Long Quarterly Multimedia Competition

National Press Photographers Association (2021)

2nd Place: Division 3 Video Storytelling 

Society for Features Journalism (2021)

1st Place: Division 1 Video Storytelling 

Society for Features Journalism (2019)

 Top 10 (Video): APSE Awards

Associated Press Sports Editors (2019)

3rd Place: Individual Online Video Storytelling Portfolio

National Press Photographers Association (2019)

Video Excellence

Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards (2018)