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About Me

I am a visual storyteller with ten years of professional experience, from television news and print, to online journalism and commercial production. This career provides countless opportunities to be exposed to a variety of personalities, cultures, and values that characterize my community.  As visual communicators, we bear a delicate responsibility of sharing the most intimate sides of humanity, while honoring every story to avoid misrepresenting or colonizing a narrative.  I hope to carry this duty forward using actions rooted in facilitating empathy, inclusion, understanding, and liberation.

I grew up in Littleton and Lakewood, Colorado, where most of my family resides.  I graduated from Colorado State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Journalism.  I have returned to CSU and Fort Collins to support my partner's journey in veterinary medicine.  In 2022, I completed my Master of Science degree in Journalism and Media Communication.  My areas of study include narrative, filmmaking, and digital storytelling.  Now, I work as a video storyteller and social and digital media strategist for CSU. 

Some of my favorite story topics include social impact storytelling, environment, food, natural resources, the arts, and covering the LGBTQIA+ and/or APIDA community. I am also particularly passionate about documentary filmmaking and decolonizing some if its harmful practices and norms. I hope to work with more communities that are unfamiliar to me, who challenge my existing beliefs, or cultivate new ways of thinking. Fear of the unknown often divides us, and I hope to share my exposures with others to help make some of the unfamiliar feel more familiar.  Let's connect, I hope to learn from you.  


Excellence in Video Storytelling: Short-form

Asian American Journalists Association Journalism Excellence Awards (2022)

Silver Pick: Earth Month at Colorado State

PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Awards (2022)


Best of Competition: Short-Form Documentary

BEA Festival of Media Arts, Faculty Competition (2021)

Heartland Chapter Emmy Award Nominee (3)

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (2019-2020)

3rd Place: Individual Long Quarterly Multimedia Competition

National Press Photographers Association (2021)

2nd Place: Division 3 Video Storytelling 

Society for Features Journalism (2021)

1st Place: Division 1 Video Storytelling 

Society for Features Journalism (2019)

 Top 10 (Video): APSE Awards

Associated Press Sports Editors (2019)

3rd Place: Individual Online Video Storytelling Portfolio

National Press Photographers Association (2019)

Video Excellence

Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards (2018)

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